Income & Fixed Interest Newsletter – January 2017

We believe January will set the tone for the rest of the year: one of disruption to the economic and political order and a resetting of the way the US does business.  The end to US hegemony is here and it is being driven internally as President Trump and his team focus solely on the needs of America and step back from imposing itself as both role-model and policeman for the globe.

In this newsletter I want to look at why voters and markets are rewarding a rejection of the liberal ideals that purport open and frictionless trade as the only way forward.  They are demanding a move away from the old guard that defend a political structure (eg Europe) that does very little to benefit the people as a whole. This acts as a wealth creating and protection mechanism for the privileged few who have amassed the most wealth over the last 30 years delivered by a playing field that has been solidly tilted their way.  The populist voice has been heard and it is positive for economics and markets and therefore we expect this to run much further and much faster.

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