Asia: what a difference a year makes

Unlike this time last year, there is general sense of optimism with equities in Asia. As Samir Mehta notes, even in more positive times, vigilance is required. ...

The Koreas: recent developments are not new risks

Geopolitical risk is a material and ongoing consideration in emerging market investing. We compare the Korean situation with that of the Middle East.

Tencent’s value surpasses Facebook

Alibaba, Tencent and other Asian tech giants delivered strong returns this year. James Syme discusses the importance of maintaining valuation discipline.

2017: A year of fear and loading in share markets

What drove markets this year and where are they headed in 2018? BT Investment Management's portfolio managers share their thoughts on the major asset classes.

US Tax Reform raises risks for high yield issuers

BTIM Portfolio Manager Justin Davey sets out why a cautious stance towards high yield credit remains warranted.

Enduring excellence in Australian equities

Our boutique model has delivered long term team stability and performance above benchmark and the industry peer average. Take a closer look.

A truly active approach to responsible investing

Edwina Matthew, Head of Responsible Investments at BTIM, talks about our approach to responsible investing and current issues we have been working through with ...

Shopping centres will survive peak Amazon

As the Amazon drum beats louder, Pete Davidson and Julia Forrest talk to the AFR about the prognosis for retail property.

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