Passing the baton

The voice of central bankers has seemingly witnessed a decibel level drop as politicians crank up the volume on their megaphones (or ramp up their tweets).

Trump vs Emerging Markets: forces at play

President-elect Trump has talked about the US withdrawing from trade agreements and imposing tariffs on imports. If enacted this would be negative for emerging ...

Emerging Markets: currencies & commodities into 2017

There's a significant chance that 2017 will see further strength in the US dollar alongside a reduction in Chinese stimulus. How does this auger for commodities...

Income & Fixed Interest Newsletter – US election

There can be no doubt that the Trump victory will be game changing geopolitically as it will alter the course of established diplomacy. Trump policies have also...

BTIM again awarded Best Fund Manager

BT Investment Management has been awarded ‘Best Fund Manager’ in Money magazine’s Best of the Best awards 2017.

Get real defence – BT Pure Alpha Fixed Income Fund

In a world where interest rates are at record lows, it’s getting harder to find value for money in defensive assets that still provide real diversification fr...

Portfolio Manager Update: Property Sector

Portfolio managers Peter Davidson and Julia Forrest talk about current views and investment positions for the BT Wholesale Property Securities Fund.

Ashley Pittard – An introduction to Global Equities

In this video, BT Investment Management's, Head of Global Equities, Ashley Pittard, talks about his proven philosophy and approach to stock selection.

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