ABC’s The Business – with Vimal Gor

Vimal Gor, BT Investment Management's Head of Income & Fixed Interest talks to the ABC's Elysse Morgan about hurdles on the horizon for investment markets. ...

The high yield hunger games

The insatiable appetite for yield in recent years has pushed higher-risk credit to levels where investors should reconsider the risk-return trade-off.

Flipping the Burger Model at McDonald’s

Ashley Pittard offers a view from behind the counters of the largest fast food brand to exhibit the team’s contrarian and patient investment approach.

India’s ‘demon’ plan yields unintended consequences

The Indian Government’s initiative to cleanse the economy of black money hasn’t quite gone to plan, writes Samir Mehta.

Flaws in governance keep South Africa in the shadows

Investing in emerging markets requires a close focus on political, governance and regulatory risks. James Syme explains why South Africa is no exception.

Reporting Season Wrap & Outlook

At a headline level, the reporting season provided several reasons for optimism. Access our full report on the drivers of results and the themes to watch.

Hard lessons for Russia’s central bankers

After a volatile decade, Russia now faces a stronger outlook - partly due to a more orthodox approach from the Central Bank of Russia.

Border taxes: a new form of disruption

A live example of how successful companies may be impacted by protectionist US policies.

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