China’s watchdogs weigh in on debt

Maintaining order in China’s financial system requires heavy-handed, concerted action from regulators, but will it be enough? James Syme holds some doubts.

Hand (it) over!

I ve been turning over in my mind the question of nostalgia and whether I suffer from it. If nostalgia means the powerful recollection of strong emotions and a ...

Our current views on emerging markets

As we stand today there are clear and compelling opportunities in emerging markets. However, there are also countries facing stiff challenges and political mala...

Taking stock at the shops

Pete Davidson discusses the factors beyond the online vs. bricks and mortar retailing paradigm that are impacting retailers and consequently, sector valuations

Income & Fixed Interest Newsletter – June 2017

Just as the markets had convinced themselves they were in for an uneventful carry-harvesting summer something started to change at the end of the month with cen...

Winners, losers and the naysayers in FY17

A summary of the key drivers of investment markets over the past year and thoughts on current prospects from our investment teams.

The right time to revisit Mexico

James Syme provides an update on the relative attractiveness of Mexico and why he has now established a position in this market.

China’s index presence to grow

After years of being rejected, China A-shares are finally set for MSCI Emerging Market Index inclusion. A welcome opportunity, but being selective is critical.

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