Update on Russia

James Syme discusses the latest developments in Russia and reaffirms his conviction in key stocks within the market.

Valuation dispersion in emerging markets exudes opportunities

James Syme provides an in-depth review of valuation anomalies across emerging markets, highlighting why company analysis in isolation can miss opportunities.

Asia Update: adapt and adjust

From a Goldilocks-like situation for global economic growth, the tit-for-tat between the US and China introduces an unexpected degree of uncertainty.

Income & Fixed Interest Australian Quarterly Update

Proudly launching our new Australian Quarterly Update, covering views on the local economy, rates, credit and ESG developments.

Reporting Season Wrap and Outlook – half-yearly update

Crispin Murray shares his insights into results from the latest earnings reports from Australian companies and his team’s views on prospects for the market th...

Words of war vs quality growth

How does the risk of a trade war stack up against a healthy global economy? Samir Mehta provides his views.

Markets take a turn…so should we?

Equity markets experienced an anticipated but short-lived correction in February. Was this a sign of what lies ahead in 2018? Our portfolio managers share their...

Ramaphosa no sure cure for South Africa

Despite a new president's promises to break from the past, it is our view that South Africa faces serious economic challenges with no obvious solutions.

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