Reporting Season Wrap & Outlook

At a headline level, the reporting season provided several reasons for optimism. Access our full report on the drivers of results and the themes to watch.

Hard lessons for Russia’s central bankers

After a volatile decade, Russia now faces a stronger outlook - partly due to a more orthodox approach from the Central Bank of Russia.

Border taxes: a new form of disruption

A live example of how successful companies may be impacted by protectionist US policies.

China’s Old Economy Credit vs Iron Ore and PMI

Like a Chinese hot pot, the country's credit arena is a bubbly opaque mixture. China's 'Old Economy' has been a clear winner from the PBoC's latest top-ups to ...

Case studies in exchange rate management

In his latest thought-piece James Syme looks at the levers available to emerging market policymakers when looking to manage their exchange rate.

China’s supply-side discipline

Samir Mehta, Senior Fund Manager for the BT Wholesale Asian Share Fund, discusses the current investment landscape specific to China's commodity-reliant industr...

Passing the baton

The voice of central bankers has seemingly witnessed a decibel level drop as politicians crank up the volume on their megaphones (or ramp up their tweets).

Trump vs Emerging Markets: forces at play

President-elect Trump has talked about the US withdrawing from trade agreements and imposing tariffs on imports. If enacted this would be negative for emerging ...

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