Shopping centres will survive peak Amazon

As the Amazon drum beats louder, Pete Davidson and Julia Forrest talk to the AFR about the prognosis for retail property.

The enduring role of the humble diversified fund

In a world of daunting fund choice, BTIM Senior Portfolio Manager Stuart Eliot sets out some enduring reasons to invest in actively managed diversified funds.

India: a coiled spring

India is one of our favourite emerging markets right now. James Syme explains why.

Economic & share market outlook

Crispin Murray, Head of Equity Strategies, shares the team’s outlook for Australia’s economy and equity market.

Global research notes: Edition II

The team share their insights on the technology sector with an in-depth view of the intricacies associated with producing chips at Intel.

Inflation – still no lift-off, but not all gloom

While the breadth of low inflation items is an ongoing concern, the RBA should be encouraged by higher non-tradable inflation and a few early signs from the hou...

South Korea: opportunities within

James Syme believes some South Korean equities exude unique qualities. Here's why.

The great crash – in volatility

Vimal Gor explains the tug-of-war between a Fed determined to pursue monetary normalisation and a weaker than-expected inflation picture, where to this point th...

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