South Korea: opportunities within

James Syme believes some South Korean equities exude unique qualities. Here's why.

The great crash – in volatility

Vimal Gor explains the tug-of-war between a Fed determined to pursue monetary normalisation and a weaker than-expected inflation picture, where to this point th...

Fresh appetite for an Asian strong man

The wonders of Japanese food, sumo wrestlers and an Asian banking giant. Samir Mehta explains the nexus.

Reporting Season Wrap & Outlook – FY17

BTIM provides its latest insights into the FY17 annual reporting season, offering a deep assessment of underlying market trends and the implications for invest...

Fundamental advantages of emerging market equities

Buying emerging market equities can improve the outcome of an investor's global equity allocation. Paul Wimborne explains why.

A view from Malaysia: It’s hard to crush rubble

Samir Mehta sheds light on why he's more optimistic on Malaysia and explains China's role in supporting Malaysia's future.

RMB – A position of strength

BTIM Portfolio Manager Amy Xie Patrick comments on the reasons behind, and ramifications of, the recent strengthening of China's yuan.

How we assess currency valuations in emerging markets

Assessing relative currency value is one of the five core components of our investment framework. Here, James Syme talks about ways to assess relative currency ...

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