Fundamental advantages of emerging market equities

Buying emerging market equities can improve the outcome of an investor's global equity allocation. Paul Wimborne explains why.

A view from Malaysia: It’s hard to crush rubble

Samir Mehta sheds light on why he's more optimistic on Malaysia and explains China's role in supporting Malaysia's future.

RMB – A position of strength

BTIM Portfolio Manager Amy Xie Patrick comments on the reasons behind, and ramifications of, the recent strengthening of China's yuan.

How we assess currency valuations in emerging markets

Assessing relative currency value is one of the five core components of our investment framework. Here, James Syme talks about ways to assess relative currency ...

High yield credit: not simple child’s play

In our latest update on the high yield sector, Vimal Gor warns that we may have just seen the first signs of our predicted unravelling.

Degustation or decompression for credit investors?

Ultra-low interest rates and inflation has pushed bond investors into higher yielding debt. Are conditions ripe for reversal and which areas are most vulnerable...

South Korea and Malaysia in focus

Samir Mehta looks at the South Korean market's strong recovery, despite significant headwinds, and explains his fresh conviction on the Malaysian market.

India’s credit cycle challenges

We have long been positive on India, with a preference there for domestic cyclical stocks. We continue to see opportunities in the banking system, but recognise...

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