Comparing Facebook to the Asian online dragons

When analysing domestically-focused stocks in emerging markets it is important to be sensitive to cultural differences across the world.

Why China-related stocks may be Teflon-coated

Debt and deflation retain their overarching embrace on economies and asset prices.

A revealing trip to the fiscal beach

We still feel that the external environment for emerging economies is difficult. With modest growth in China weak global trade figures and tight US Dollar liqui...

How we invest – The Pure Alpha Fixed Income Fund

As central banks drive interest rates lower to stimulate growth we look globally for fixed income investments that can generate returns while remaining defensiv...

Get real defence – The Pure Alpha Fixed Income Fund

With markets volatile and negative interest rates becoming more common as growth remains elusive globally investors are facing a dilemma. They want defensive as...

Markets float higher on central bank money

The relatively swift election of Theresa May as British Prime Minister has removed one of more the immediate sources of post-referendum uncertainty; nevertheles...

Finding the light

For consumers and investors living or investing in emerging markets, understanding deflation is somewhat similar to confronting the concept of a black hole.

Opportunities in the ASX 50-150

Low growth policy impasse and significant disruption across many industries has been challenging for the Australian share market. Mid-caps stocks which we defin...

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